Be Still & Know

I have always had a love for the Lord.  My trust in the Lord and faith has changed greatly through so many challenges I have faced through out life. 
My major turning point was when my youngest daughter turned 2.  She was diagnosed with Leukemia and my world crumbled.  The reason being, when I was 18 and my brother was 20 he died from Leukemia 9 months after he was diagnosed.  When my daughter Haven was diagnosed I really had to give over my thoughts, my prayers, my hopes, my dreams, my life to the Lord.  It was a struggle to watch such a sweet innocent little girl going through so much pain and sickness.  The Lord sent my Husband a scripture which we walked with throughout her 3 years of treatment.  The scripture was Be Still and Know I AM GOD, I will give you small miracles along the way.  I walked daily with that scripture in my heart.  God did give us those miracles at get us through.
Not only do I have this business but I also am a photographer and through her treatment I was able to capture her story which I am so grateful for. 
Haven is now 8 years old she is a health strong little girl.  Haven's dream is to be a missionary.  One day during Haven's treatment she said to us "Mom when I get older I am going to have a clothing company and I am going to put God's word on the shirts."  I asked her what she would say.  She said her first shirt would read: Be Kind, Share the Love.  I went online and had that shirt made up for her and she proudly wore it.  I then made a shirt for myself with my favorite song Hillsong Oceans.  People would stop me and ask me where I got that shirt from and I told them I designed it and had it made.  Many people encouraged me to sell them.  God was so true with his word with Haven I thought, how great would it be to wear your faith and start up Haven's originally vision now.  Not only encourage those around you but remind yourself when you look in the mirror or look down at your shirt.  That is when Parker Apparel was born.  I have had so much fun coming up with these shirts. My husband and daughters daily come to me with let's put his on a shirt and that on a shirt. 
We hope that our shirts put a smile on your face and the Lord in your heart.
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God Bless